Entry #10

Why Hello there!

2017-05-08 17:48:22 by IvyPoison

So I am in Toronto right now, having some fun exploring.... WHERES CHRISTIAN DELGROSSO AT?! .... oh my fandom.... hes probably back in California .. dang.. 

Anyways... Getting  back on track here ...

I have new music and art for ya! so wehn i get back i will be posting them all and recornding them. You will aslo be catching each song on Youtube at some point... YAY UPDATES. 

Curious question for you all.. I am thinking about selling some of my drawings on t-shirts... and if anyone wanted them I can make their own character.. ( personalize it just for y'all) and my other characters as well. If you are interested,. check out my ragdollcollection page on tumblr and message me. Giv me a follow and I will follow you back. Or send me a message on here. Tell me what you think. Will be back soon.


See you all later my sassy classy lovely friendly fan/friends. Hope you all had a great weekend.


Your pal,

Ivy Poison



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