Why Hello there!

2017-05-08 17:48:22 by IvyPoison

So I am in Toronto right now, having some fun exploring.... WHERES CHRISTIAN DELGROSSO AT?! .... oh my fandom.... hes probably back in California .. dang.. 

Anyways... Getting  back on track here ...

I have new music and art for ya! so wehn i get back i will be posting them all and recornding them. You will aslo be catching each song on Youtube at some point... YAY UPDATES. 

Curious question for you all.. I am thinking about selling some of my drawings on t-shirts... and if anyone wanted them I can make their own character.. ( personalize it just for y'all) and my other characters as well. If you are interested,. check out my ragdollcollection page on tumblr and message me. Giv me a follow and I will follow you back. Or send me a message on here. Tell me what you think. Will be back soon.


See you all later my sassy classy lovely friendly fan/friends. Hope you all had a great weekend.


Your pal,

Ivy Poison


Soo coming soon

2016-12-17 23:31:02 by IvyPoison

Will be more songs, Drawings... and the music video of Monstrous Nightmare. This will include both vresions. The original and the collab I did with LexaHergon.

Also if there are any musicians out there who are interested. I was wondering if you could help me out on some theme songs for TheRagDOLLCollection Characters ... I could do it myself, however  I'm curious to  what others think of these characters and what comes to them.  Also if you know any Cosplayers out there... if these chacters become well known I think it would be neat to see what these characters would look like if thy were human... 

If you are interested let me know  message me and things about the cosplaying... you would seriously make me the happiest person on earth i will possibly cry... pre warning ...  it would help me so much to get my anime out there and i would totally be thankful to you all no joke ..  More males are coming out :D im excited ...  if you want to see more of these characters incase i havent posted all of them on here yet the link to TheRagDOLLCollction Tumblr page is on the side on my page on here. 

oh goodness me.... that probably didnt make sense... haha... my bad. anyways let me know. If not thats totally ok :) thanks for hearing me out. 


 Hope you all have a MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY HONICA  ... i hope i spelt that right and whatever you do on the 24 and 25... Also happy new year. and  I wish you all a good lovely day and night.


JGHLJHGFJYIG:KJFIY:HOUHS:LJKSGL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! * she squals * im in an odd mood right now I do apologize.

Your friend /your  fan  Ivy Poison. 

Holy moly Roo you guys!!!!

2016-10-11 23:50:13 by IvyPoison


 Some new songs are coming up as soon as i can polish them up a bit haha :) hope you likd the ones i recently post. Especially the one i did when I was sick. which btw i will be making a  new copy very soon :) . Let me know your thoughts and what you think of these two new comers.

THANKS FOR visiting this page!!! means a lot to me ... sorry theres not much on here , for music ..yet but there will be !!! :)

Ivy Poison ( Alexis Trevisan)


2016-08-03 11:12:05 by IvyPoison

I am.. so.. So... SO .. sorry that I have been taking too long to post my music...  I will get it on here..  ive been feeling worse then down lately... and i recently realized that i have  borderline personality disorder...and I also lost someone who was very important to me.. Although I never had a chance to really get to explain anything...

You will get to hear some of my new stuff coming abord this site as soon as I can... and I will continue to post my art as well...

again I'm really really really sorry.....

xo Ivy



2016-04-23 18:37:03 by IvyPoison

I am Back and ready to get things posted !  woo hello Lovelies :D Hows it Hangin?

- IvyPoison.



Hey lovelies !

2016-04-07 16:32:33 by IvyPoison

I'm really sorry I haven't been on top of things lately, I've been feeling really down and have been busy... On top of he fact my computer decided to not work on me  I am not able to post my new music and drawings  that are saved on there until it is fixed. I am also in the middle of finishing my finals...

I will be back as soon as possible and get back ontop of things. 

You guys are amazing please remember that and keep doing what you are doing!!!

Until then,





short note!

2015-12-02 21:25:18 by IvyPoison

Oh Wow TheRagDOLLCollection Siblings ( Nightmare and Halen ) are popular ..... haha if you want more of those two let me know...  I will also be posting some more of my characters as well when i have the time.

Drawing is a fun hobby of mine and Nightmare was the start of all RagDOLL's  I always wanted to create my own anime ... I hopw you all like them...  

Also ive been working on some songs that  tie in to some of these characters so when they get posted :)  I may post them on the exact day as i do with their character.

xo  Ivy Poison



note of the day !

2015-12-02 03:15:21 by IvyPoison

Hii everyone,

Once exams are over i will hopefully get back on track and upload more of my songs. I also have some of my own anime characters posted. feel free to have a looksy and leave a comment down below :D .... you can catch them on http://ragdollcollection.tumblr.com as well ... talk soon 

xo IvyPoison


2015-09-02 01:16:02 by IvyPoison

Hello everyone again , hehe 


I'm back , and refreshed and ready to show my stuff and back on track. I hope you like it :) please feel free to leave coments and suggestions 

If theres anymore types of suggestions you have for me and you would like to talk to me personally, send me a message. I will get back to you as soon as i can.






2014-08-16 03:36:02 by IvyPoison

Hi everyone, nice to meet you!  RealFaction told me about this site and helped me set my profile up, he's a friend of mine ^^.  About me...I love anime, making music, and drawing.  That's all I can think of for now.  Go check out the new song I uploaded, it's the first one I submitted to here.  I'm happy to be here, and there will be more music to come.